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The Trisomy 18 Foundation Store items are designed to commemorate the lives of treasured children with Trisomy 18, no matter how fragile their life or brief their days.  

We know that families often look for a special piece of keepsake jewelry to honor this special event.  In circumstances where Trisomy 18 impacts the life of this longed-for child these pieces serve as a constant symbol of that unbroken connection felt with a child with Trisomy 18 that they love. 

Each item purchased comes perfectly packaged for gift-giving and includes a small 2-sided awareness card about the Trisomy 18 Foundation mission to make Trisomy 18 a preventable and treatable condition for future families, so that fewer parents lose their precious newborns to this devastating condition that takes so many children at the dawn of life. 
Each piece purchased also raises needed funds for Trisomy 18 research and public awareness programs and serves to continue the legacy of our children’s lives lost to Trisomy 18.